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Born in 1940
World Citizen Card number :24.773
Address : Lucknow (India)


He was born in a prosperous and illustrious family in Lucknow (India). His late father Sri Gopalji was a staunch Gandhian and freedom fighter

Dr Dauji Gupta studied commerce and law at the University of Lucknow and later went to Vermont University (USA)

Elected Major of Lucknow for the first time 1n 1971 and for the third time in 1989 for a five year term .He represented India at the World Mayor's Conference (WMC) in Hawai in 1971 and was elected Vice-President of WMC

All his life, Dr Dauji was associated with a large number of social, cultural and academic institutions of national and international reputation

He was a leader of India's ruling party, the Indian National Congress and a member of the Parliamentary Board of Uttar Pradesh.

On January 1st 1972 he became a world citizen enrolled by Mr Alexander Franke and endorsed by Mr Garry Davis

He has attended several training session with IEM (Institute of "mundialist" studies under the People's Congress) and participated in numerous conferences and meeting organised by ASCOP (Consultative Assembly to the People's Congress)

Deeply impressed by the Gandhian outlook, influenced by the compassion and rational world view of Buddha and inspired by the relentless crusade of Baba Saheb Ambedkar against the scourge of untouchability and the dehumanising effects of the cast system

Dr Dauji instinctively got himself involved in the challenging cause of emancipation of Dalits and Backwards Classes for their servitude through his literary works and political activities.

Driven by this irresistible forces and deeply touched by the heart-rending agonies of the down-tread, Dr Gupta has taken upon himself the onerous task to accomplish the unfinished work left behind by Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar and has therefore started to write and publish a series of books to unmask the ulterior motives and nefarious designs of the perpetrators of the cast systems prevalent in India

Dr.Gupta speaks several languages and has done remarkable work for the propagation of Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Pali throughout the world

He is a prolific poet and has published seven volumes of anthologies of his poems which have also been translated into English

Dr. Gupta is secular to the core of his heart

As a politician, he advocates non-violence and world citizenship leading to a world democratic government.

Declaration of intention

I have been associated with this great movement for more than 35 years.

I became a world citizen on January 1st 1972, enrolled by Mr Alexander Franke and endorsed by Mr Garry Davis as a Mayor of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh ,the biggest state in India

I have also served as a state senator several times for a long period.

Having administrative and legislative experience, I feel I could serve the People's Congress to a considerable extent

I have also been attending the important events organised by IEM ( Institute for" mondialists " studies ) and the ASCOP (The Consultative Assembly of the People's Congress ) for the past several years in different parts of Europe


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