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El Mostafa NAFATI
 Presentation - Program

Born in 1957
World Citizen Card number : 184.344
Address : Khourigba (Morocco)

Biography summary

Registered World citizen since 1996.

Profession :Accountant

Declaration of intention

I wish to establish relationships with organisations and study groups that work for world democracy on all the subjects of world importance:

War, terrorism, human rights, poverty of most of the people ,waste, pollution, peace, justice, relationships between the populations, relationships between states and international institutions, education, citizenship or public spiritedness, protection of the oceans, protection of the atmosphere, development of poor regions countries, unemployment, employment, economical progress, fight against hunger and diseases.

The first trans national organisation, "the People's Congress" shows the way towards a World Constituent Assembly in charge of establishing world law and institutions able to insure the survival of the biosphere and humanity.

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