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Diomaye SENE
 Présentation - Programme

Born en 1944
World Citizen card : 183.330
Address in Dakar (Sénégal)

Biography summary

After being a state employee (Army, Police and Taxes office)

Diomaye SENE now devotes himself to the preservation of local cultures and interethnic pacification

  • President of the federation of the Serere cultural Association in Senegal
  • Founding member of the cultural association of the Diolas Serrere
  • Initiator member of cultural Senegalese convergences
  • Founding member of the origins festival of Fatick

Declaration of intentions:

Our work will be with the help of the People's Congress to reunite the different West Africa ethnical groups in one unique population and to start a dialogue towards peace

The diversity of my own life makes me understand the different points of view that gives strength to cultural "mundialization " and to world democracy

We wish that a universal understanding will lead to the elaboration of a world constitution

We are all world citizens in a realistic and responsible spirit

I want my experience to be available to a world cultural understanding .I propose a progress contract for the welfare of human beings, nature, the success of hopes for all the human race in peace and solidarity ,tolerance and world democracy

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