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Born in 1955
World Citizen Card number :183.125
Address : Accra (Ghana)


Deputy Secretary - General of World Citizens Registry, ASCOP'S Coordinator for Africa

The Peoples Congress is the only viable future world parliament and I'm most glad to be associated with it. The Peoples Congress elections are also a true reflection of proper democratic principles of this millennium.

Personally, I believe I'm already widely known for my opinions on international affairs to which I have contributed often by internet and by interactions.

Hosting the ASCOP seminar in Accra in November 2008 opened up new vistas in my political career.

The African Democratic Council was the result of the theme on which I spoke. The formation of this future authoritative organization is still being pursued with vigor and in collaboration with my other colleagues in Africa and beyond. The Ghana branch will be launched this year.

Already, the response for its implementation is immense. I strongly believe that the modus operandi of the noble ideals of the ADC will be the final panacea to the myriads of problems that we face in Africa.

The African Continent is bedeviled with so much political and social uncertainties to the detriment of the masses.

We must hold the bull by the horn or we perish.

Declaration of intention

My acceptance into the Peoples Congress will no doubt empower me the more to further galvanize me into action towards the realization of the noble goals that I've set for myself and humanity.

I am also deeply aware that I cannot achieve these goals alone since no person on earth is an island unto himself or herself.

All hands on deck remain my prime philosophy.

Among the Peoples Congress Mundialists are very great personalities who will have a part to play in my aspirations.

Joining them as a partner will enhance ideas and projects.

I do hereby send a clarion call to all, far and near, who are genuinely interested in the betterment of Africa and the entire world to support my initiatives.

Finally, the ADC will work in total collaboration with other human rights organizations like "Agir pour les Droits de l'Homme; Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, and many others.

To you the voter, I say: You are the actual beneficiary of my heart's longings. You have your part to play and it is now!. Vote Karl Kpodo for Congress! Vote me the Mundialist Activist to the right place that I deserve.

Thanks in advance

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