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Born in 1954
World Citizen Card number :024595
Address: :SANT JULIA DE LORIA (Andorra)


I have considered myself a world citizen for a very long time, and for a number of years I have been active developing projects trying to bring together the different movements and organizations currently existent. I have tried to enroll with all organizations who share the vision of world citizenship and democratic global governance, and for a time promoted the Community of World Citizens; I am still member of a number of them, but unfortunately they seem not to be too active. I organized the First Virtual Congress on World Citizenship and Democratic Global Governance,

More recently, I started THE WAVE, as a new effort to disseminate the basic ideas of the world citizen movement.

Declaration of intention

I believe the world citizen movement is not in its best moment and that it must confront a tide of political proteccionism and restrictive nationalism. We need, we have always needed, to join forces and act more coordinately, to make our voices heard in the political arena at all levels an by the public at large.

The Peoples' Congress can be instrumental in this efforts, and to help it become so I present my candidacy.

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