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Born in 1961
World Citizen Card number 179305:
Lives in Vaulx en Velin (France) :


Very active citizen in several associations, administrator and volunteer for handicapped people

Humanist militant, working with several local and international structures

Radio presenter for Radio Canut , Radio Link and Radio Plural

During five years I was the administrator of the Villeurbanne CCO where I worked as a volunteer to welcome foreign delegations. Administrator during 4 years of the Georges Levy Center in Vaulx-en-Velin where I took care of the" Nicaragua, Palestine" files.

During 4 years, administrator of the Buers Social Center, I helped developing a charter for the" Active Centre" in Web 2:

With a personnel blog: and on Facebook where as much as I can I try to make the internet surfers aware of humanism, peace and justice.

I participated to many meetings concerning transportation and at the national level, I participated in a working group that tried to proposed alternative solutions to the transport problems.

Every year I work as a volunteer to give support to mentally handicapped people when they travel abroad which gives me the opportunity to meet citizens from other countries and to talk with them about world citizenship.

Since one year and thanks to Facebook I became again an active member in the world citizen movement without stopping my other activities . I write articles on the subject and register people in the world citizen registry

I already participated in 4 sessions of the mundialists studies , during 3 years I have been part of the World citizen registry administrative Council and I also participated in a session of the World Solidarity Fund against Hunger

Since 2008 I am very concerned by the Palestine problems and I try to make the French people aware of the Palestinian drama in intense collaboration with the Jewish French and Israeli associations in order to promote a just and long lasting peace

Declaration of intention

I want to develop the idea of world citizenship in the Arab world ,improve in France the relations between the different communities , help to work on the Palestinian problems on the justice level ,fight against all the forms of racism and discrimination and help to improve communication among the different "mundialists movements .

I hope that if I can make all the projects work during the next 9 years I will earn great satisfaction for myself

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