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Born in 1972
World Citizen Card No.184,703
Residing in Jebeniana(Tunisia)

What I did:

  • Established contacts and correspondence with World Citizens for the exchange of ideas
  • Shared with Mr. Bernard Muet information and activities in his region on world citizenship.
  • Posted an excerpt from an article about mundialism in the newsletters of World Citizens in coordination with Mr Joel Luguern.
  • Spoke of world citizenship in order to convey the principles of mundialism and registered new world citizens.

If I am elected:

  • I'll be available for all mundialist activities, all relevant associations to provide technical assistance at :research/training/education. IEC
  • Give an awareness of the Peoples Congress: its purpose, its method of work, its mission, its history.
  • Promote relations between the representatives
  • Focus on exchanges between the delegates.
  • Diagnose problems that threaten the existence of man on earth
  • Promote world democracy: the concept and behavior
  • Fight against all dangers that threaten the earth
  • Publish articles propaganda) in the newsletters of World Citizens about the management of the world.

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