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Born in 1940
World Citizen Card number : 184581
Address : in Milan (Italy)


I propose my candidature as Peoples Congress delegate starting 7 years ago as member of Tax Resisters League, NY, USA

I am the first italian citizen to start the fiscal resistance to the military expenses, following the famous speech of the President's of the Italian Republic in the 1978, Mr Sandro Pertini, who said: we must empty arsenals and stuff granaries.

Declaration of intention

I decided to purpose me in order to develop, in the worldwide Parliament, the international points, those who see me, by long time, enrolled in so many associations of the civil society with whom I collaborate there are several decades.

Here the points:

  1. to dismiss the military and civil nuke doing to the fact that the atomic technology constitue the worst threat to the survival of the human genus
  2. to build the alternative choice based on the renewables energies, convinced as I am that this is the true 50% of the entire economic figure. And, of course, in order to truly fight the global warming
  3. to leave the economy PIL oriented in order to turn back to an economy of the rights, able to take care over all the essential human needs. I would to ensue the commandments of the six "R" at the level of the general economic policies, that means
  • Rediffuse (properties and common services)
  • Redistribute (the profit in an egalitarian sense)
  • Relocalise (to produce in limited borders)
  • Relate with the web the men, the work, the production centers
  • Redecrease (consumption of the matters and of the energies)
  • Retransform (military production and those toxic)

These common achievements must feed on some individual actions as to reduce, to reuse, to repair, to recycle, to reduce speed.

As world citizen, ending, I would remember to all that we took the planet lending from the next generations. As local communities, we are only guards of the territories in the name of all mankind

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