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Born in 1964
Worl Citizen Card No.183863
Residing in Souk Ahras(Algeria)


At Heathrow Airport London in 1985, I read in a French Magazine on mundialism, ''World Citizen''.

A few days later, I contacted the office in Paris and I received all the necessary documents concerning the Registry of World Citizens.

Thereafter, I hesitated at first because the country was in a conflict.. I was also afraid of being described as a political delinquent so I concealed all that I received. This happened between 1987 and 2003.

I restarted my project to become an effective person within this organization at the international level and I am very proud of it and most especially when I received the World Citizens identity Card.

I had great courage and strength to begin the fight against anarchy and administrative injustice as well as all sorts of bureaucratic misbehavior.

I have had to cope with people of negative tendencies that pose a threat to the human soul and spirit. These are the tools they use to bring about human destruction, civil war, famine, global warming etc.

During my debates at national and international conferences, I made mention of all these problems alongside some of my colleagues within the cultural associations in Algiers and throughout the entire Algerian territory.

At one point, I tried to attend the meetings of the World Citizens Registry in Paris but I was denied a visa.

Declaration of intention

If I am elected, I would:

  • Develop world parliament concepts that need to be more clearly defined.
  • Improve communications among fellow mundialists
  • Combat all forms of racism and discrimination.

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