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Amokrane ABDELLI

 Presentation - Program

Born in 1978
World Citizen Card number :024844
Residing in Tazmalst, Bejaia (Algeria) :


  • Project Manager(Assistant to the associative movement of south Algeria,training members of associations)Ebert Foundation,Algeria
  • Member(Ambassador of Peace) of the FEDERATION FOR UNIVERSAL PEACE
  • Member of the Algerian network of young workers.EBERT FOUNDATION,ALGERIA
  • Membership of blood donors association
  • Member of the Algerian Association for the safeguarding of the youth( 2 years)
  • Seminars;
    • Election;Tool for democratic change,Barcelonia,Spain
    • Moderation and presentation of a project,Algiers,Algeria
    • Communication and conflict resolution,Algiers,Algeria
    • Leadership and social communication,Tizi Ouzou,Algeria
    • Preparation and presentation of projects,Souk Ahras,Algeria

Declaration of intention

Conscious of my responsibility as a World Citizen in the face of the alarming situation in which our planet is, degradation of human rights, humanitarian risk, lack of solidarity and facing major problems such as natural disasters, wars and conflicts.....etc.

Let me introduce myself as a World Citizen committed to human causes. I want to collaborate with World Citizens for a more effective Peoples Congress so that the actions of a delegate or representative become more pragmatic and rational.

I will like to work if i am lucky to be elected at the Peoples Congress on ;

  • The strengthening of capacity building of World Citizens based on internet networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc....and as moderator and representative of World Citizens in Algeria, i found out that the dissemination of information through the social sites is more effective.
  • Work closely with other delegations and start the chain of humanitarian work to the world, which is an initiative that will undoubtedly be present in every operation of solidarity and humanitarian assistance operation.
  • Reviving the World Citizen Registration centers in every resort city, neighborhood and work with other associations, NGOs and inviting them to join World Citizenship in order to make their work effective on the ground
  • Working to increase awareness of ideas of world citizenship which is a reflection of local citizenship.
  • Working with World Citizens and to give a performance at the Peoples Congress by participating in and organizing events, training workshops around the world and working on launching a database for the circulation of information concerning the activities of representatives and associations as well as NGOs affiliated to the Peoples Congress. In that way it will be faster and more efficient.

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