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Born in 1952
World Citizen Card number : 180954
Residing in St-Nolff (France) :


The town of Saint-Nolff,3750 inhabitants is located near the southern Brittany Gulf of Morbihan.

Elected to St. Nolff since 1977. Mayor of Saint-Nolff since 1955. Morbihan General Councilor since 2001. President of the Regional Natural Park Project of the Morbihan Gulf since 2008.

Declaration of intention

In 1997, after meeting Roger Winterhalter, at the time Mayor of Lutterbach (Alsace), I proposed to the Municipal Council to declare our Commune by deliberation ''World Territory'' by adhering to the World Communes.

Since then, we have always made reference to the membership that marks today our local identity and tried to respect the spirit of the charter.

It's still Roger Winterhalter who convinced me of the merits of this candidature.

If I am elected, I pledge to reactivate and develop the network of World Communes.


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