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Born in 1955
World citizen card: 102464
Lives in Strasbourg (France)


I devote my professional activity as a private practitioner psychiatrist since 23 years to the durable integration of foreign migrants in the country especially those who have suffered psychological trauma following military and civilian conflicts that are constantly going on in the world of to day ex: Russia, Mauritania, Thad, Rwanda, Cameroon, Angola. Bangladesh. Turkey. Iraq. Syria. Georgia. Kosovo. Macedonia….)

This commitment was inspired to me by the support of German physicians to Nazism in 1933 and the attempt made to understand the possibilities of fighting the repetition.

I ask myself since on the meaning of the systematic support of the medical corporation to the power in place. I consider that my practice is part of the public service

I have adopted the side of the foreigner because the moral qualities of a society and its longevity can be measured by the protection it can provide. A society will treat in 10, 20, 30 years its own children the way it treats the foreigners to day; It is a social and political criteria that will predict it.

Declaration of intention

I am a candidate again, 3 years after my first attempt ,because I pretend to humbly defend the universality of the human condition through my psychiatrist profession.

The social, political construction, solidarity and brotherhood are a difficult learning that is often problematic and that an error can jeopardize.

It is also difficult not to answer to violence using violence, individually or in a group. Difficult but necessary if we want to transmit a culture of peace and accept to have a place and a name for each of us in the symbolic and collective field of humanity even for the torturer

I am born Jewish with all it represents as cultural richness and also as the capacity of nationalistic and community withdrawal to day (example around the unconditional defenses of the interests of the state of Israel) I am used to say that I am born Jewish and that I became a physician (it is less restrictive) in order to serve all the dimensions of universalism that it imposes and creates. Suffering has no color and no boundaries, nor its comprehension I have devoted my life to the welcoming of foreign people in order to help their integration in my country, France, becoming less and less hospitable I am doing it with more and more conviction and fervor since Veronique, my dear wife has been murdered by one of our patients in 2005 during a madness attack .His family and ours are the victims of this drama Anja my second spouse has given us Livia in 2007 and Amos in 2010 The presence of Joseph, David and Sarah my 3 first children remind me continuously the testimony of fraternity and universalism that Veronique has left to us.

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