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Born in 1948
World Citizen Card number : 156781
Residing in Venezuela,Ciego de Avila (Cuba) :


Engineer and Registered World Citizen in 1993, then head of the Cuban Centre for Registration of World Citizens and for many years member of the 'Association of World Citizens (AWC San Francisco)

Despite limited means, we seek to work in an active way according to the social and cultural needs in our region.

Declaration of intention

  • Disseminate information on world citizenship and the Peoples Congress worldwide.
  • Prepare in Latin America a group of World Citizens through whom we can consolidate the work to the needs of the region.
  • Coordinate our activities with other regional and international organizations for start-up activities related to the Peoples Congress.
  • Organize a regional center of World Citizens Registry in Latin America.
  • Creating scientific events with social and cultural organizations in connection with the World Citizens. To introduce youth to world citizenship.
  • Convene a group of World Citizens Volunteers to collaborate on international projects in the Latin American region and the world.
  • Acting for the protection of the environment and to strengthen world peace through appropriate organizations, etc

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