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Born in 1939
World Citizen Card number :
Address : in Ste-Cécile (France)


I am a widow and mother of three children. I have only one grand--son

I registered as a World Citizen since 2007.

I had a teaching career related to research in science education and this included the coordination of groups, the creation of educational T.V. programs, participation in the creation and drafting such as :a comparative study of educational systems in Europe.

For many years,I am on the Executive Board of Friends of ''Le Monde Diplomatique' with the organization of discussions, exchanges and debates on major issues at the national and international levels.

I also participate in the activities of the League of Human Rights as Secretary of Section, Regional Councilor and member of the Central Committee.

Finally, I am an associate researcher at the EPHE/CNRS in ancient history

Declaration of intention

It will be brief. On the principles, I am always conscious to belong to the world community and to the struggle for the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of Women and Citizens.

On the Institutions, the creation of a World Constituent Assembly seems to me a first step in what is one of the rules of exchanges between people, that is to say the process of ''conversation'' word dear to Germaine Tilon.

Finally, for what is my personal active contribution, exchanges, writing, dramaturgical processes and the theoretical and practical elaboration of judicial procedures that go in the direction of peace and co-fraternity between peoples.

A final word: No more cruel weapons, no more wars, no more violence

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