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World Citizen Card number : 187529

All my experience is the result of my determination and of my internal strengths that drove me. This persistence, even self taught, has allowed me to get with success my master II degree in social science in Strasbourg.

Since 5 years I am the president of "AMESCIMOD" and we have a partnership with associations in Marrakech, Ghmat, Zagora and Tissint

I am very active in the fields and at this moment, I am trying to organize a "mobile health services caravan" for the south of Morocco. It is like a mobile hospital

Declaration of intention

Since 4 years, I work in partnership with development associations and for the emancipation of populations that have been abandoned for a long time in the south of Morocco. They are women and children associations with a basic literacy objective. They also work at making them aware of their human rights and human dignity

In this endeavor, I have a project that seems a little bit utopian, but with the active support of the House of World Citizenship in Mulhouse and its president Roger Winterhalter we hope to achieve it. We want to help create a "House of Citizenship and Solidarity in Zagora. Our means are very low, however our faith and motivation will win on difficulties and resistances that we will encounter in the fields.

AMESCIMOD : Association Maghrébo-Européenne Solidaire pour une Citoyenneté Mondiale par le Développement Durable

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