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13 - January 1981

NATIONAL ELECTIONS : Let us place the debate on a higher plane !
International press have remarked that the recent canvassing in West Germany and the United States were not "riding high". The French presidential campaign seems to be beginning just the same : no candidate is suggesting any solution for safeguarding the very file of the French people, which, of course, is dependent of the survival of the whole human species. Yet, the survival of the species is threatened and the threat is increasing every day :

- World war between East and West

Any world war will mean the disappearance of France despite its deterrent power. On this subject, mundialists suggest to begin the necessary process of world disarmament, with a recourse to the preamble of the French Constitution which allows for the provision that "under provision of reciprocation, France consents to the limitations of its sovereignty necessary to the organization and defense of peace", the only way of exercising supranational effective control on location.

- world revolution of the South against the North :

Billions of the hungry people will prepare for revolution if no solution is found to hunger. How can balance be found between 1/3 overfed and 2/3 underfed ? How can we avoid the waste of wealth ? How can we forbid the pillage of the third world going on ? How can the exchange rates of raw materials and currencies be stabilized ? Can we do it without questioning the notion of absolute national sovereignty ?

- World pollution of earth, sea and air

Oceans and atmosphere are more and more polluted every day, deserts spread, black tides multiply. Without any world laws securing its protection, the biosphere, the source of all life, is condemned to extinction.

- World overpopulation

Most Nation-States consider that an increase in their population gives them political and military power. Whereas, only a fair and active World Institution can help balance population increase with decisions that will be to the benefit of the whole of humankind and not at the service of a few : national governments, political or religious leaders, financial powers, …

- World Energy

Non renewable world energy and raw materials are wasted because there is no supranational authority in a position to exploit and distribute them in an equitable way. Nation-States have but one policy, from hand to mouth, never far-sighted, turned toward prestige or imperialism, refusing a world solution to this crucial issue.

In May 1968, quite a few principles were addressed, found obsolete ; many new points of view have been adopted since. It could bi the same for national sovereignty : why could political leaders not question the principle of the absolute national sovereignty of each Nation- State ? After two centuries of scientific progress, the 163 Nation-States of the world have completely interdependent economies ; it should mean that a "national" candidate can challenge the principle of national independence which is obsolete when compared to reality, but strangely is still upheld by politicians. A certain number of Jurists have understood this very well and they have recommended in some constitutions the restriction of national sovereignty to allow a new, effective political organization of humankind to be adopted : the one that will work for its survival.






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