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21 - September 1981

On October 9th, next month, the American SPACE SHUTTLE will take off again. But such an achievement definitely does mean important juridical consequences at world level.
THE SPACE SHUTTLE and the welfare of humankind

The complete success of the first experiment in flight of the United States space shuttle, now, proves the reliability of operating, by steps, regular orbiting transportation that would set up permanent living habitat, secure and cheap, in space, that could be used for laboratory, factory or even leisure purposes.

Would military use of the shuttle be precluded ?

The two space super-powers have initiated, during the era of détente which brought euphoria, the January 27th 1967 treaty, open to all the States, upon the principles that are to rule the activity of States in the field of extra-atmospheric exploration and utilization, included the moon and other celestial bodies. Number 1 Article states that "the exploration and utilization of extra-atmospheric space, included the moon and other celestial bodies have to be conducted on behalf of the welfare and the interest of all countries … they are the heritage of the whole of humankind".

As for the scope of this principle, proclaimed in terms of a prophecy, the Soviet Union and U.S.A. delegations belonging to U.N. agencies that have tried for many years to draft a statute for telebroadcasting and teledetection, have never been able to agree.

The last U.N. Assembly established the active preparation of the Unites Nations Second Conference on the peaceful exploration and utilization of space, that is to take place in Vienna from August 8 to 21 1982. This is an opportunity not to be missed and the Space Powers are to be asked to conclude a protocol for interpretation, which should make clear the ambiguous terms of the 1967 Treaty ; the vagueness of the wording need be put into harmony with the principles proclaimed, since the ambiguity is a threat to peace.






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