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26 - February 1982

-In the world, nowadays, nearly two billion people suffer from hunger. Indeed, two centuries ago, when the industrial revolution began, the total number of the world population was about 700 million people and they did not all suffer from hunger.

Therefore, we can say that science and technology, which led to this population explosion, thanks, particularly, to the lower numbers in child mortality, have, a the same time, increased the number of people suffering from poverty.

Let us have facts ! The big seminar with 3000 specialists of Research and technology which has just taken place in Paris does not seem to have studied how the progression of poverty could be checked. Definitely not - the question was only discussing the means of placing France at the peak of modernity.

So, let us ask a question :

Can our limited word withstand the unrestricted confrontation between the latest, leading techniques the industrial countries boast of ?

Military confrontation, economic confrontation like the Olympics, for ever taking place in a completely interdependent world, are quite obsolete precisely because of the practical results of those very peak technologies.

Is it not urgent to study, at world level and only at world level, a new form of economy that would free men and women from poverty thanks to robot-factories invented by world research and technology and would enable every inhabitant of the world to be given a social income so that every one could enjoy happiness and plenty ?





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