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29 - May 1982

The FALKLANDS : World Territory
At the conclusion of the meeting, with a debate, that was held in the French Senate, on the subject of National Sovereignty, the Permanent Mundialist Committee, which regroups twenty associations among which the World Citizens and the World Federalists, has published the following proposition :

The war in the Falklands shows to what excesses promoting the mythology of the Nation can lead, as does the belief in the Absolute Sovereignty of the States that divide the world.

"Nationalism" said Einstein, "is a childhood disease, it is the measles of humankind". When will the peoples of the world become grown ups ? When will they refuse the risk of triggering a war when national self-esteem is at stake ?

Nowadays, the situation is that no juridical institution has the power of implementing the "International Law", that is, in that case, the Resolution of the United Nations : the guns alone, today, take the place of International Law.

To palliate this situation, Mundialists suggest that the Falkland Islands become World Territory, placed under the guardianship of United Nations with the protection of the blue Helmets.

In the same way, other trouble-spots of the globe could, also, ask for the effective implementation of that world arbitration force. Little by little, the present chaos of Nation States would make way for a world political administrative power which would make it possible for World Federal Laws to rule in all the places where they would appear necessary to avoid humankind reach the point of self-destruction.

All over the world : The Delegates elected to the Peoples Congress


The World Association for School as an instrument for Peace, whose founding-president is Jacques MUHLETHALER, elected delegate to the Peoples Congress is among the 15 nominees chosen by the daily "La Croix" for an International Prize for Human Rights.

Special Session in United Nations for Disarmament

Lucile GREEN, Renée MARCHAND, and Douglas MATTERN, elected Delegates to the Peoples Congress will participate in June 1982 in the parallel meetings which will take place in New York and whose aim will be to make opinion conscious of the urgent necessity to alleviate the absolute national sovereignty of Nations-States.





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