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30 - June 1982



World Citizens express the wish that the VERSAILLES SUMMIT should create two commissions on the crucial issues that humankind must solve today.

Commission on disarmament : a body of Jurists, inside or outside the U.N., be given the mission of studying the modes of enforcement of an effective verification of disarmament and of its consequences on the absolute national sovereignty that States wield.

The German, Italian and French constitutions have, in fact provisions for a possible surrender of their sovereignty, under provision of reciprocal arrangements.

All the conferences on disarmament have failed because all of them since the first which was held in The Hague, on August 29th 1899, stumbled over the rock of the national sovereignty of States.

Actually, all through the centuries of history, mankind has kept questioning the basic principles of its organization as science and techniques improved : Greek cities, Roman empire, Catholic church power, feudal lords, god's anointed Royalty ..; but for two centuries Absolute National Sovereignty wielded by the State is the only power that has not been challenged…

Why is it so when the survival of humankind is the price ?

Commission on development : the creation of a body of economists, given the mission of studying the influence of absolute national sovereignty, as an obstacle to the eradication of hunger, in such field as, for example, the exchange rates of raw materials, the control of transnational companies or the destruction of tropical forests.

In that field, too, science and technology, nowadays, tend to make economies become more and more interdependent, which shows that a world response is to be found to this world issue.






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