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46 - October 1983

It is interesting to note the growing importance given in world news by the media in the democratic countries, which generally recognize the freedom of thought and expression enshrined in their constitution as something needing to be realized.

We have particularly noted in many countries the wide publicity given in print an on the air to exceptionally serious transgressions, such as the shooting down of the Korean jet, which put the spotlight of world opinion on the responsibility of the great powers in regard to deliberate violations of international convention and of natural law.

It is, however, worth remarking in this context that the right of the public to be objectively informed, although formally acknowledged in the democracies, is :

a) widely ignored by many organs of the press because of political alignment and an inclination in partisan polemics and

b) only partially served by the policy of balanced reporting adopted by the ostensibly unbiased sections of the press.

Convinced of the possibility and the necessity, in the present state of ideological division and acute tension threatening world peace, of freeing information as far as possible from the abuses and the double-talk which are diverting it from its true function (with the danger that public opinion will become resigned to willful disinformation) we ask :

  1. that UNESCO, within the framework of plans for a "new information order" to accord with ideal of Human Rights, should set up a permanent international Pact-finding Commissions, to be entirely independent and ready to go into operation at the very start of any very serious international case, so as to monitor its evolution, and
  2. that UNESCO should also endorse a World Press Agency, aiming at the free and immediate acceptance of its communiqués by all the media, without any prior limitation of attenuation of the message through the acceptance of a special motion from an interested government.

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