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47 - November 1983

-As we have heard, during the last months of the year of scores of attacks, military interventions, local wars, confrontations between different ethnical groups, everywhere in the world, we think it is all the more valid to publish the editorial which the Director of the International Registry of World Citizens, Roger WELLHOFF, has written in his bulletin.

For political leaders, in our times, the issue of the "melting pot" represented by populations and ethnical groups with different traditions, customs and ideals having to live together, is crucial. Whether we have this, at a country's level, from Lebanon to Chad or, at world's level, from to Soviet Union to the United States for example, it is very hard to obtain toleration towards the "Stranger", respect for those that are opponents of the time being and trust, the only sentiments that can bring peace back when the lighting or event the Col War are over. Confronted by violence, there is some natural need to belong to a group that drives the members of that group, whether it be a national, ethnical or party group, to consider this group, and this group to the exclusion of others, as the unconditional Truth which deserves every sacrifice. Fighting for the defense of all these unconditional Truths that are antagonists, fosters violence.

Mundialists are rash enough to believe there might be means, undoubtedly difficult to carry out, that would allow a peaceful cohabitation, on day today level or on world level. These means would be found in being respectful towards those who are "different", particularly towards the rights of minorities, in organizing group along federalist principles in order to bring about democratic, federal, supranational World Institutions, since the nation, considered as the Unconditional Truth, is the main source of warfare.

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