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49 - January1983

The daily "Le Monde" of 3rd March 1966 featured an appeal by 13 people of international repute, including Alfred Kastler who has just died.

In their appeal they said : "Without supranational law, States have to rely on force to defend their interests. The consequence is war …" They invited people to register as WORLD CITIZENS.

So as to elect, on a transnational basis, an Assembly with the task of setting up laws for a peaceful and civilized world. That appeal has been answered by thousands through the world since that date, and continues to be.

At the time of his award of the Nobel Prize for Physics, professor Alfred Kastler made the following declaration to the World Citizens, and it is still as relevant :

"Declaring oneself a WORLD CITIZEN today seems to me a necessary gesture in a world whose structures are obsolete.

I lived through the trauma of the Alsatian borders, both between two nationalisms, and I understood the absurdity of perpetuating quarrels that lead to war.$

As a citizen of my own country, I believe that it must help the under-developed world try all the means of its disposal, and work to create that climate of confidence which can end the arms race begun by the super-powers.

As a scientist, I am aware that the solution of the problem facing the scientific community, throughout the world depends on their purposeful coming together.

I believe the same applies in the sphere of technical application and to economic questions.

At a time when the release of nuclear energy has given men possibilities of destruction or creation so far undreamed-of, when mankind's space adventure is just beginning, then it seems to me that humanity must create global institutions, so as to put an end to war and to starvation resulting from selfishness and hate.

As a man I feel at-one will all men, and I believe that they must come together to create that city of mankind, with room for contrasts of race and of ideology, which we all pray for".

Alfred Kastler
Nobel Prize for Physics, 1966

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