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50 - February 1983

" 1984 "
In his work of political fiction, "1984", George Orwell described a totalitarian regime ruling "Oceania", which managed to exist because the men involved obeyed only one rule : Power, for its own sake and without any other aim, be in comfort, happiness, freedom, order or the pursuit of an ideal.

The "Unesco Courrier" of januaro 1984 features an article on Orwell by the essayist Jacques Chartier. In reminding us of that revolutionary author, Chartier notes that in Oceania there was a totalitarian oligarchy resting on a sort of institutionalized schizophrenia, since non objektive world outside the monolithic State was considered to exist.

The 163 states of the planet, including among them the thirty or so described as democratic, are governed by "oligarchies" that is, by political group that may or may not accept institutionalized opposition but which invariably obey the imperative of power, installing and "especially) maintaining themselves through, among other rules, that of an absolute national sovereignty.

The failure of the Athens summit is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon : 10 states, albeit democratic ones proved incapable of transcending the national concept so as to deal with a problem, the answer to which was self-evident : too much wealth,, too much mild, too much butter, too many chickens, too many cars, too many ships, while on our doorstep millions are dying of hunger.

Yet, to keep a hold on power, some are prepared to run the risks - this time on a world scale - of an attitude of national selfishness identical to that which has led Europe into two civil wars, with their accompaniment of hate, suffering and death.

It is plain that the ruling circles in Europe have not reached the age of discretion, but one should not believe that in the Third World things are so vere different, in spite of the lesson of two European disasters. Is not the Middle East a striking proof of this ?

For the ruling elites, recent results obtained through a policy of militan nationalism, as in the Falklands, Grenada or Baalbek interventions, have shown that this, combined with patriotism, is an effective way to increase one's popularity in the opinion polls.

The totalitarian world feared by Orwell will be irredeemably upon us unless political workers take an interest in that objective world "outside" which World Citizens are trying to bring into political thinking and morality.

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