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51 - March 1983

Europe must be supranational or it will cease to be ! That is the stark choice facing the European Institutions and challenging also the mundialists, for whom the mention of anything "supranational" is inadequate so long as this is not taken to mean "global"

In the context of Europe we can distinguish various possibilities :

  • Europe as a juxtaposition of Nation-States, each trying to defend its separate interests as is the case today. European unity would then be no more than an empty phrase ;
  • Europe as a Super-state with total sovereignty, leading to a conflict situation analogous to that which causes two world wars involving 4 or 5 other Super-States. Can we envisage a President of Europe, even an elected one, pressing on a European nuclear button ? 7 or 8 minutes later, Europe would have disappeared from the map … according to this second hypothesis, a united Europe would constitute a flagrant risk ;
  • lastly, European unity achieved on the basis of an open federation, as a stage towards a world federation. Naturally, this last is the only formula that commends itself to most mundialists.

An Europe of this sort could then take the initiative in bringing about :

  • a World Disarmament Conference, calling on the fact that certain clauses in the Constitutions of West Germany, Italy, France an elsewhere foresee a possible limitation of sovereignty in the interest of establishing peace ;
  • a world financial reform. Can we allow an overabundance of ships, cars, meat, milk and the rest, to continue to spell crisis ? After "modernization", robot factories will produce even more ships, more cares, more meat and more milk … and who will buy these ? Robots ?

once given the immense production of robot factories spread will over the world, we shall still face the same problem : how do we make human beings solvent ? For there will be millions of insolvent ones, newly made poor in the rich countries, to add to the hundreds of millions in the poor countries. Seeing the massive speculation on the part of the world's rich, how can we guarantee the price of raw materials on which the poor countries depend ?

Even if it adopts its own unified currency, Europe will still have to instigate a world monetary reform on the lines proposed by economists, such as Jan Tinbergen (Nobel Prize winner), Pierre Mendés-France and Charles Warin.

Besides, how shall we make the multinationals answerable, particularly in the field of agribusiness, without the existence of an universal code ? Finally, how can we even safeguard the European environment, without protecting the biosphere though World law ?

Like it or not, Europe, as well as every State, depends on the welfare of the planet as a whole, and Europe can therefore be no more than a stage towards World Unity.

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