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53 -May 1984

17 June 1984 : European elections

17 July 1984 : Global elections !

In June, European electors will vote to elect Euro-M.P.s whose job will be, in theory, to deal with European problems.

But only in theory, because these deputies will not have the power to draw up supranational laws binding on member states.

Only in theory because, finally, these deputies are chosen by the various party headquarters and are required in the Assembly at Strasbourg to defend the nationalist views of practically all parties, in preference to the ideal of a Federated Europe, which ought to be the logical conclusion of the system.

When will European citizens be in a position to stand as candidates anywhere in Europe on the sole basis of their ideas for the welfare of Europe as a whole, and not as defenders of partisan nations ?

Nevertheless one has to admit that the vote for an European Assembly, imperfect as it is, is better than letting states settle conflicts through war, as was always the case previously. Progress is therefore undeniable but, to make it concrete and irreversible and to banish the demon habit of the rule of force, these European elections should be the opportunity for every inhabitant to delegate his quota of Sovereignty to European deputies having power to deal with European problems. This would constitute a great step towards a Federal Europe.

July 17th, among the group of mundialists, is the date of the counting of votes in the election for the World Peoples' Congress, when 10 000 inhabitants of the planet in about fifty countries will have been called upon to elect two new delegates among eight candidates of varying nationalities. These electors will be symbolically delegating their quota of world sovereignty to "global delegates" chosen to solve the big problems of humanity's survival : war, hunger, pollution, …

Now this election is completely transnational : no national considerations come into it as far as either the candidate or the elector is concerned. All that counts is the idea for which a candidate stands.

Of course these delegates to the World Peoples' Congress have no power : but what real power do Euro-M.P.s have ?

This election in therefore symbolic today, but it shows a state of mind, a political orientation. In this experiment, mundialists are proving that such a transnational election on a global scale is actually possible. A global Peoples' Chamber could thus be elected to constitute, together with the United Nations Organization as an Upper House or Senate, a World Parliament that today is so sorely needed for the solution of the problems of human survival.

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