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28/12/2007 (a7-08)

1. A citizen network has been created in Liege.

At Liege,on the 3 and 4 November 2007,during the Peoples Congress session, a working group has proposed to work on the LINKS to advance our common globalist ideas to see one day, Institutions and a democratic World Parliament representative of all the peoples of the planet. In order to advance our ideas, we have to convince, create relationships,connections with the people who live by our side.A citizenship,a civism and global solidarity are meaningless unless they translate into citizens' initiatives at the local level that give reality to our ideas. It's on the ground of everyday life that we must lay the foundation of our group work to advance our ideas in the heads and to see them materialize at the polls.

This network is a credit to ASCOP

2.A new member organization of ASCOP

Welcome to the association''Act For Human Rights'' The association works for the promotion of human rights from the globalist point of view.

3. 1948--2008:

A public debate will soon be organized on the Internet to produce together a statement which will be broadcast on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Invitation and details in the next message.

P.S.:At the very beginning of the year 2008, a new message will present the organization of the debate on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

20/12/2007 (a7-07)

WORLD UNITY:The becoming global democracy implies conceiving humanity as a people in quest of its unity.

A symbol---a day

On November 3,2007,during the first day of session of the Peoples Congress and the ASCOP,participants from 12 countries went to Eben Ezer(Liege,Belgium) near the Peace Tower to plant the 3rd World Unity Tree.Each participant was asked to bring along a bit of land from his/her country so that this tree draws its nourishment from it.

On 4th of November,the Peoples Congress proclaimed the equinox day of March each year

''World Citizens Day--World Unity Day''. This vote took place as a result of a petition launched and presented by ASCOP.The meaning and history of this day are shown on page

Obviously,it is hoped that this day should be celebrated wherever possible by all those who recognize themselves as World Citizens thereby expressing the fundamental political will which motivates them.

March 20,2008---March 20,2009

10/12/2007 (a7-06)

1. On July 22,2007, at a meeting between the World Citizens and the Universal Bridge Association(Togo and Switzerland),the planting of the 2nd World Unity Tree took place at KOHE.(Species of this tree) A Senegal's redwood.

2. The Universal Bridge

Association aims at building a hostel to accommodate orphans and anyone in need of shelter.This house will equally host people in difficulty from Europe seeking to have a stay.

Daring to go and meet others in itself can only bring about the best to those living on the fringe of society.

One of the strongest points of Universal Bridge is the twinning of trade to trade. In other words,a young orphan from Kohe wishing to undergo apprenticeship is helped financially and morally sustained by a single or several professionals from Europe. For example,a mechanic will help an apprentice mechanic. It's an exchange of skills but also a human exchange where everyone can contribute a lot to the other.

3. A general assembly of ASCOP will be held in Paris,Sunday 30th March 2008. A provisional agenda is available at This agenda will be complemented by your proposals if possible before the 15th of March.


01/12/2007 (a7-05)

1. The general assembly of ASCOP,originally scheduled for November 3 2007 at Herstal-Liege(Belgium)did not take place.

It has been replaced by a general discussion on the role of globalist organizations,members or non members of ASCOP and their relationships with the Peoples Congress. The meeting was adjourned to March 30,2008 in Paris (France)

2. Four associations have joined ASCOP:

  • Le Pont Universel,(The Universal Bridge)
    • headquartered in Kohe, Sanguera, B.P. 03, 30037,Lome (Togo)
    • Switzerland address : La Yema, CH 1470 SEIRY (Switzerland)
  • Club of Cultures and Leisures, P.O. Box 60,331, Lome (Togo)
  • Planete-Couleurs,16 rue de Belleneuve,21270 Binges, (France)
  • Planetary Union, SHIN QL 13, conj.5, casa 19 BRASILIA DF CEP 71535--055(Brazil)

These associations will be presented in the next press releases.

11/04/2007 (a7-04)

1. In Kashusha, mundialized commune ("World Citizen community") in South-Kivu in the East of Congo, the authorities of the commune and the mundialization committee symbolically will pose the "stone of the city", today April 11, 2007, project required by the local population (40.000 inhabitants). Messages of support for the municipality and the team of World Citizens can be sent to

2. During a meeting organized by the World Citizens of Dakar, and with the participation of Roger Winterhalter, president of the Peoples’Congress, the village of BOULOCK located in Gambia declared himself "World Citizen village" on March 8, 2007. With only 760 inhabitants the village of Boulock receives on its territory a community of 800 refugees, which in fact, proportionally the most accessible village in the world. Article in RECIM-world n° 3, available next May.

05/04/2007 (A7-03)

Universities and Seminars in 2007.

From the 20th to 23rd August 2007, a Geopolitics Summer School will take place at the La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland) organized by the Esperantist Cultural Centre and with the participation of eminent speakers on World Federalism, World Social Forums, the International microcredit, European integration and other topics.

For more information contact: KCE, cp 311,2301. La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland),, +31 32 9267407

From the 28th to 31st August 2007.

The 28th session of the Institute of Mundialist Studies will take place at Moulin de Broukay, near Liege (Belgium)

Theme: The local social cohesion in the era of mundialization.

  • Public Law and World Social cohesion.
  • Social cohesion and local community - deficits and responses.
  • Social cohesion and new local experiences.
  • The ideal community in the complex society.

For more information contact: AIGS/IEM, rue Vert-Vinave,60 , BE 4041 VOTTEM (Belgium)

Early October 2007:2nd ASCOP Seminar (At the planning stage)

Mundialist Studies Seminar at Bukavu(South- Kivu,D.R. Congo) organized by the Association (World Solidarity- Acting Together) Solidarite Mondiale-Agir Ensemble(in french)

Topic(to specify) The African in the era of Mundialization.

For more information contact: SMAE, B.P. 470, Cyangugu, Rwanda.


26/03/2007 (A7-02)

Magdeburg, March 18, 2007

We were invited by the World Citizen Association (AWC) from Saxe-Anhalt to celebrate the equinox as "The Day of World Citizens" and the "Day of World Unity"

It was a big success under the high patronage of the president of the regional parliament Mr Steinecke

Among the 80 participants we have noticed the presence of:

  • Mr Steineke, president of the regional parliament of Saxe-Anhalt (Germany)
  • Mr Dauji Gupta, former Mayor of Lucknow (India)
  • Mrs Lisinka Ulatovska, representative of AWC to the United Nations in San Francisco
  • Mr François Hounsounou, director of AWC-Esperanto for Africa
  • Mr Henry Cainaud,Vice president of the Peoples Congress
  • Mrs Liliane Metz Krencker, Administrator of ASCOP
  • Mr Daniel Durand, President of the World Citizen Registry
  • Prince Maurice Dah Bokpe from Allada (Benin )

All our thanks go to the Director of AWC-Esperanto, Mr Gerhard Hirchmann and Mrs Inge Grzyb, president of AWC Saxe-Anhalt who organised magnificently this meeting.

The presentations included addresses from several people, songs, dances and music.

In the afternoon 4 workshops were organised and later the participants exchanged presents and to close the ceremonies went to a carillon concert at the Rathaus (Municipality)

This day, rich in contacts will have numerous repercussions on the edification of world democracy.


14/03/2007 (A7-01)

 1° Equinox:

On the occasion of the next equinox in March 2007,ASCOP is launching a petition trying to get the People's Congress to approve the day of the March Equinox each year as the " World Citizen Day and Day of World Unity ".

2° The World Unity Tree:

In order to support this petition and create a long term dynamic process, the World Citizen Registry has published a post card representing the World Unity Tree, planted on October 6 2006 in Bohicon, BENIN

We wish that many other World Unity Trees be planted all over the Planet everywhere and on symbolic occasions

3° CMS Lucknow:

On Decembre 11, 2006, the City Montessori School in Lucknow declared itself " a world citizen shool and a world territory belonging to the world community"

This declaration was solennely read and appoved during the closing Ceremony of the Third World Symposium organised by the World Unity and >Peace Education Departement

This "mondialisation" has been officially registered in the World Citizen Registry



07/12/2006 (a6-12)


'Towards a New World Civilization'. Such is the topic of the 3rd world symposium organized by the World Unity and Peace Education Department(WUPED) of the City Montessori School of Lucknow (India). 208 participants from 84 countries will work, 8th-12th December 2006, about the development of new strategies to establish real world governance.

The ASCOP and other member organisations will be represented by :

  • Dr. Liliane METZ-KRENCKER (Register of the Citizens of the World)
  • Prof R Ananthanarayanan, (World Constitution & Parliament Association - WCPA-Asia)
  • Mr. Rob Wheeler, (Total Partnership for World Democracy)

Also let us note the presence of some people close to the ASCOP: Judge Weeramantry (Sri-Lanka), Eugenia Almand (US)) (Provisional World Parliament), Otfried Schrot (Germany), Hugh Steadman (New Zealand) (Sapiens Movement).


Welcome to a new organization member of the ASCOP:

PLAYDOO-CI is an association of the Ivory Coast of activevolonteers in the field of health and the development

Contact : Mrs. Marie-Paule Kodjo
17 BP 452
Ivory Coast

02/11/2006 (a6-11)

1. Follow up of the Bohicon " Mundialist " studies seminar:

2. Welcome to a new organisation, member of the ASCOP:

"World Resource Consult Ltd" World Agency for management of resources organises events, promotion of world citizenship and tourism.

President : Karl KPODO
P.O. Box 6289, ACCRA North GHANA

14/10/2006 (a6-10)

Seminar of Mundialist Studies en Benin

From October 6 to 8, 2006 was organised at the CBDIBA center in Bohicon (Benin)a Seminar of Mundialist Studies on the thema :" All humans are world citizens ; together we should work to establish world peace "

The main objective was to create " an African network for mundialism".

The opening ceremony took place on October 6,2006 under the presidency of a representative of the Ministry of Justice ,spokes person of the government of Benin. He clearly presented to the World citizens a message of support for their endeavour

This first seminar of "mundialists" studies organised in Africa has been immortalized by the plantation of a tree that was called "The World Unity Tree"

The report of this seminar is already available in French and will be soon available in English and Esperanto

Appendices only in French :

Some photographs of the seminar :

24/09/2006 : a6-09

1. Juge Weeramantry at UNESCO:

On the occasion of the peace education prize giving at the UNESCO, in Paris, a round table was organised with Professor Mohamed Arkoun and Professor Mireille Delmas-Marty with the 2 laureates Juge Weeramantry (Education peace price) and Leonel Narvaez-Gomez (jury distinction)

The text of the round table talks will be available soon for the ASCOP organisations

2. Juge Weeramantry at the Foundation for Human Progress

The Global Partnership for World Democracy, the ASCOP and the City Montessori School in Lucknow organised a press conference at the Foundation for Human Progress in Paris

Juge Weeramantry talked about the Culture of peace telling us interesting anecdotes from his past experience

The essential of his interventions can be found in mode "wav" at the link (only in English )

3. Welcome to a new ASCOP member organisation:

The Volunteers for Health is a new organisation created by young health professionals

Their objectives are to contribute to a significant improvement of the family and underprivileged people's health

President: M.Kouame Abissi Raymond, 23 BP 4373 ABIDJAN 23 Ivory Coast,

14/09/2006 : a6-08

Judge Weeramantry : UNESCO prize for peace education for 2006.

Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry from Sri Lanka, a convinced "mundialist" will receive the UNESCO prize for peace education for 2006.

The prize giving ceremony will take place at the UNESCO headquarters on Thursday September 21st, international peace day .

Judge Weeramantry is currently the president of the international lawyers association against nuclear weapons (IALANA) and the president of the International Centre for peace education and research. During 9 years he was judge, then vice president at the international court of justice in the Hague.

Judge Weeramantry, since 1996 has requested that the members states that possess nuclear weapons comply to international law in every situation and in all the circumstances

Taking this opportunity the ASCOP, the Global Partnership for World Democracy and the City Montessori School (Lucknow, India ) organise a Press conference at the Foundation for Human Progress where Judge Weeramantry will answer the journalists questions

The ASCOP member organisations present in Paris are invited to attend the press conference

Friday September 22 at 11am.

Foundation for Human Progress 38 rue Saint Sabin 75011 PARIS

1/09/2006 (a6-07)

Seminar of "Mondialists" studies

Bohicon 2006, october 6 to 8

This seminar of "mondialists" studies is a project developed by the ASCOP for its member CBDIBA and organised for all the world citizens, members of organisations that are part or not of the ASCOP.


  • History of the West Africa States regarding the democratisation process in action in the rest of the world by Professor Roger Gbegnonvi of the Cotonou University
  • Experimenting the revival of democracy in Benin, in West Africa and the lessons that we can learn to introduce world democracy by M.M.Mike Azilinon, of the Cotonou University
  • Role of the United Nations and its institutions in the progression of the states and people towards world democracy by Liliane Metz Krencker , representing ASCOP
  • Citizens initiatives towards solidarity and democracy in the world by Daniel Durand, representing ASCOP

Each presentation will be followed by discussions. Workshops and plenary sessions. Elaboration of action plans and strategies.


A report will be available to the public.

35 people from 5 different countries are already registered

It is still possible to register with the organisers :

CBDIBA P O Box 256, BOHICON(Benin).

Please see the site for more information :


28/08/2006 a6-06

KASHUSHA: A City becomes a world citizen

"On year 2006, on the twenty fifth day of July at 10 o' clock in the morning, the population of Kashusha had a meeting at their usual meeting place.

During that meeting it was decided in a significant and symbolic gesture to adopt the "mundialization" charter.

We, inhabitant of Kashusha declare that our local community accepts the present charter


The Kashusha population accepted it unanimously."

The official document was signed by the head of the local community, two representatives of the under local entity and the representatives of 10 local villages

Kashusha is a community of circa 41.000 inhabitants located East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 27 Km North of Bukavu, capital of the South Kivu Province

Please see more information on the site :kashusha

Congratulations can be send through the association" Solidarité mondiale .Agir ensemble" (World Solidarity-Act Together )

16/05/2006 (a6-04)


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the "Call of the thirteen in favour of world citizenship", the French Registration Centre have organised a concert that will take place on Monday 29th May 2006 at the VINGTIEME THEATRE, 7 rue des Plâtrières, Paris 20e. Métro Ménilmontant.

Artists : Nathalie Solence, Annick Roux, Serge Utge-Royo and Yvan Dautin.

Tickets: 20 euros ( seeking employment: 15 euros)

Book now: +33 1 43 66 01 13

During this Gala night, Roger Winterhalter will give a talk on the forthcoming elections to the People's Congress.

Bruno Boussagol, Director of the "Brut de Béton production" Theatre company (63130 Billom) will outline his European artistic project entitled "Tchernobyl diagonal: living with the truth".

Information about the "Call of the Artists" will be also given to the audience.

22/03/2006 (a6-03)


The International Council for an Environment World Authority created in 1990 under Swiss law wishes to set up a network of "correspondants" and organisations, working for the global safeguard of the environment .

Information on the CILAME was published in the World Citizen Registry bulletin : Recim-Info N 3. This information can also be down loaded at:

The CILAME wishes to find some help for translations from French to English, to Spanish ,to German and Esperanto. Translators for other languages are welcome too.

CILAME 142 Avenue de Versailles 75016 PARIS - -

2. Seminar of "mundialists" studies:

The CBDIBA(Benin Centre for the development of basic initiatives organises a "mundialists" studies seminar in Bohicon neighbouring city of the historical capital Abomey.

From 6 to 8 October 2006

15 to 50 people

Provisional program:

  • a. Tradition, Culture, Benin democracy and world democracy
  • b. Can we use the Benin democracy model to build a world democracy?
  • c. How should the UN and its international institutions be organised to achieve world democracy?
  • d. Some citizen initiative towards world democracy


Registration fees

Local Citizens : 30.000 F CFA

Other African countries: 40.000 F CFA

Other nationalities: 100 Euros

Registration and logistic information will be found soon on :

and CBDIBA BP 256,BOHICON (Benin)


11/03/2006 (a6-02)

1. WORLD CITIZEN DAY (Just a little bit of background)

In 1975, at the celebration of the 30 years of the creation of the United Nations in San Francisco, it was decided at the "mondialist" Congress that March 21st would be: World Citizen Day

The day of the equinox was chosen as a sign of equality between the people on earth. That day is also international action day against racism. We encourage all the organisations member of the ASCOP to promote the celebration of this day and organise actions and demonstrations every year with all the "mondialists "organisations working towards the creation of a world government.


During the plenary session held in Paris on March 4, 2006, the Peoples Congress decided:

The opening of legal registration service that will list:

  • the non national organisations that want to be registered under the Peoples' Congress
  • the proposals presented by this organisations

Election to Peoples Congress

The election of the Peoples Congress will start on March 21, 2007 and will be closed on September 21, 2007. The counting of the votes will take place in mundialized place. 15 delegates will be elected for a period of 9 years, making a total of 45 added to the one elected during the previous elections.

The votes will take place electronically and by mail.

Here are the conditions to be a candidate:

  • To be a registered world citizen
  • Being a recognised "mondialist" since at least 2 years
  • Present a program or a strategy
  • Make a solemn commitment.

An election control commission has been appointed and will meet in Paris on Monday, May 29 2006

All the necessary information can be found


25/02/2006 (A6-01)

1.The friends of Desmond TUTU

"The friends of Desmond Tutu " is a social activity association created in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo, province of North Kivu).and in Kindu (Province of Maniema)

This association created on February 16 ,2000 fights poverty, participates in the prevention of diseases, provides legal ,medical and material assistance to victims of violation of human rights. It tries to prevent and solve local conflicts, takes care of street children and supports initiatives in favour of the development of the community.

"The friends of Desmond Tutu" association now has registered with the ASCOP.

Welcome to this organisation

The mailing address for this region of the democratic Republic of Congo is in Rwanda : "Les Amis de Desmond Tutu", BP 78, Gisenyi, RWANDA -


2. "Mundialist" strategy general debate (Paris, March 5, 2006 4. pm)

- How can we approach the major world problems to day: environment economy, demography, security, human rights etc..

- Which kind of actions to undertake , which orientations to take to accelerate the establishment of world democratic institutions able to deal with the on going big problems

This debate will take place on March 5, 2006 at 4.00 pm in Paris 11th, 40 rue de Malte (Metro Oberkampf)

Welcome to all the people who want to participate. Individuals and organisations can send their suggestions and comments via email

For the preparation of this debate please read





The Association "International Emergency Action" was created in 1977 by a group including a team called "Emergency" from the International Civil Service, by the " French Union of peacemakers" and a committee of world Citizens.

This association acts in 3 basic situations:  Prevention and management of natural disasters ; Around 3 interventions every year for earthquakes, floods ; and reconstruction/ rehabilitation.

Its final goal is to create a world emergency organisation within the framework of world democracy.

International Emergency Action registered recently in the ASCOP Welcome to this specialised new organisation.


 WUPED (World Unity and Peace Education Department ) of the Montessori Schools in Lucknow (India) organises from December 9 to 13 ,under the Presidency of Jagdish Gandhi two simultaneous events :

  •  The 6th International Conference of Chiefs of Justice
  •  The 2nd World Symposium "World partnership for world democracy"

More than 250 people from 102 countries are already registered.  

ASCOP will be represented by Mr Robert Wheeler (United States) who received a mandate to present ASCOP's participation in the elaboration and execution of a three year plan of action .Please see the sites and



The Peoples Congress Consultative Assembly (ASCOP) was created at a plenary session of the Peoples Congress in November 2003 and ratified when where published in 2004 its by-laws

The ASCOP includes organisations and individuals who have accepted the so called Mulhouse Charter

The ASCOP goals are :

  • - To be a platform of exchanges and projects aimed at the construction of a world democracy
  • - To become a pool of experiences and advice available for the People's Congress elected delegates.

The projects being evaluated now are :

  • - Organisation of the World Peace games with the World Citizen house in Mulhouse (MCM-ARSO)
  • - Creation of a "Summer University of Mundialism" with the Esperanto Centre in La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland)
  • - The creation of seminaries for Mundialists studies with the World Citizen Registry
  • - The support given to the internationalization (transnationalization) of the CILAME organisation for a world environment authority)


All the information concerning the ASCOP will be found on the site

Official information for the ASCOP will be given through messages in French, English and Esperanto .The messages will all be numbered and will be filed at /a5.htm (year 2005)

Organisations that have no access to the internet will receive the information by mail.

Subscription and Finances

A subscription of 20 euros is requested from every member organisation .This was decided in April 2004. The file page (a-5.htm ) includes a financial statement periodically updated as well as the list of organisations that have paid their dues during that year .

12/11/2005 (a5-01)

Two temporary administrators

Following the resignation of the ASCOP President, Josep Ortega and because of the conflicting issues in the ASCOP administration during the lasts months, the People's Congress President Roger Winterhalter has appointed us, Liliane Metz Krencker and Daniel Durand ,temporary administrators of the ASCOP

Our mission will be to manage the daily affairs within the ASCOP respecting the existing by-laws accepted by the people and to associate in our activities competent and devoted people until we find the right team that will officially replace the previous team and after an election that will be decided when necessary.

Other messages concerning the internal reorganisation will follow soon

like information ,finances and support to projects, started and to come

With you all towards democracy in a united world

Liliane Metz Krencker
Daniel Durand

To participate in ASCOP

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