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On October 6, 2006, the first World Unity Tree was planted in BOHICON, in Benin during the "Mundialist" studies seminar inauguration

The participants of the seminar decided that a meeting will be organised every year at the March equinox to celebrate the future world unity

Essence of the tree: Ylang-ylang


On July 2007, during a meeting between the world citizens and the association "Le pont Universel" (Togo and Switzerland), was planted the second "World Unity and Peace" Tree in KOHE.

Essence of the tree: Senegal's Redwood


On November 2007,during the first day of the Peoples Congress and ASCOP plenary session , the participants coming from 12 different countries went to EBEN EZER (Liege, Belgium) near the Peace Tower to plant the third World Unity Tree. Every participant was invited to bring a little bit of soil from its own country to feed the tree.

Essence of the tree: A maple tree


On 8 November 2008, during the second day of the Seminar for Global Studies, the Aqua Apple has been planted along CHEMU ROAD, MAMPROBI at Lartebiokorshie, Accra, Ghana (lead in Senior Secondary School near DAN WRIGHT ). A plaque will be sealed to the wall of the nearby school.


May 16, 2009, Paraiso na Terra (Brasilia)

In the closing session of the Peoples Congress held in Brasilia (Paraiso na Terra) from May 11 to 15, participants have planted 20 mango trees in a row of trees forming a grove of 'global unity.


4/09/10. AHEPE, Togo


5/09/10, BE, Togo

World Unit Trees are planted on the occasion of ceremonies
in a public place or open access to the public.

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