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" In the absence of supernational law, nations are obliged to resort to force to defend their interest. The consequence : war, voluntary or accidental ; and war, since the splitting of the atom and the development of bacteriological weapons becomes the absurd "final solution" the genocide of the human race.

Without world institutions able to assure the fundamental needs common to all, man is helpless. Two thirds of humanity suffer from hunger while immense riches are wasted.

At the same time, scientific and technical progress make it possible to organize a world community of peace and abundance where fundamental liberties would be guaranteed to individuals, peoples and nations.

Why this contradiction ? Because governments, blinded by their duty to put national interest above everything, far from accepting the necessary changes, sometimes even hinder the work of the international institutions created to defend universal peace and to serve mankind.

Only the people of the world, every one of us, can save the situation.

The first simple but effective step we ask you to take is to register as a world citizen, as we have done.

If enough of you answer our plea, we will take the second step together. We will organize on a transnational basis the election of delegates whose duty will be to defend the individual, to voice the needs of the people of the world and, finally, to devise the laws for a peaceful and civilized world".

The signatories :

Lord BOYD ORR (Great Britain), First Director of F.A.O. (1945-1948), Nobel Prize for Peace 1949. Josué de CASTRO (Brazil), Ex. President of Council of F.A.O. founder-President of the International Development Center. Danilo DOLCI (Italy), Sociologist - Lenine Prize. Shinzo HAMAI (Japan), Mayor of Hiroshima. Prof. J.-L HROMADKA (Czecho-Slovakia), Professor of Theology, President of the "Christian Peace Conference". Prof. Alfred KASTLER (France), Nobel Prize for Physics (1966). Member of the Institute. Mrs Rajan NEHRU (India). Prof. Linus PAULING (U.S.A.) Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1954. Nobel Prize for Peace 1962. Abbé PIERRE (France), Founder of the "Communautés d'Emmaüs". Jean ROSTAND (France), biologist and vriter. Member of the Institute. Lord Bertrand RUSSEL (Great Britain), Philosopher, Mathematician, Nobel Prize for Literature 1949. Prof. Ivan SUPEK (Yugoslavia), Professor of Philosophy and Science, Member of the Academy of Science and Arts, President of the Yugoslav Pugwash Movement. Prof. Hans THIRRING (Austria), professor of Physics at the University of Vienna, Member of the Austrian Academy of Science.

3th march 1966


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