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Paris, March 1975
International Women's Year

World Declarations


As DELEGATES of the PEOPLES CONGRESS, elected directly and democratically by a trans national electorate, spread over 110 countries

We state:

That even if women represent 51 % of the world population, less than 1% are able to take effective part in the political life of their country

That on every level (social, economic, political or moral) women are the victims of discrimination, whatever there social standards may be

That the most exploited man can find someone to exploit:

a woman

That the international order, until now enacted by men , is based on the regime or rule of force and violence

That most women bound to their condition by education or tradition and too often become allies to their oppressors

We declare:

That IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD the status of women must be reflected upon and revised urgently so that they can have access to physical and moral autonomy and independence


We assume:

That nothing less is necessary to give birth to a world order of equity and justice

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