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Ulisses RIEDEL
 Presentation - Program

Born in 1933
World Citizen Card number :104.323
Address : in Brazilia

Biography summary

 Lawyer for the defence of workers .President of the Planetarium Union .Director of the Association "Bona Espero " ( Good hope )and of the theosophical Institute in Brasilia Director of the Association for propagation of theosophy in Brazil, citizen of honour for the city of Brasilia ,member of the council of UNIPAZ., senate member of the Republic of Brazil

Declaration of intention

As the president of the NGO Planetarium Union, I wish to continue and extend my work with this organisation which principles are world citizenship, equal rights, solidarity, and a communication tool for all: fraternity

Now we broadcast television programs through 62 associative channels towards 20 Brazilian cities

The televised series include the following programs:

Construction of world peace .Ethics and development

Research on self knowledge, yoga and longevity, Esperanto :tool for interdependent "mundialisation" and other uses

The goal is to increase the level of this communication tool

The Planetarium Union considers that we have to help the changes in human values.

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