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Born in 1945
World Citizen Card number : 171876
Address : Bellegarde sur Valserine (01, France)

Biography summary

Swiss and French national. World Citizen since 1979. Founder of the World Peace Games. Writer, composer and musician  

Declaration of intention summary

  • Launch a Big competition of reflections and ideas. "How to organise the world of to morrow"
  • Support Esperanto as an international communication tool
  • Welcome at La Gauthière, international centre of the World Peace Games ,the People's Congress
  • Represent the People's Congress at international meetings


 Born Octobre 11, 1945.Swiss and French national, Yves Angelloz is a physiotherapist, professor of physical education and an osteopath. He wrote a book on sport and health: "The Peace Games" in 1981 that was translated in Arabic language

In 1983, he founded the first "World Peace Games" that were organised in several countries. The last one in Dubai brought together 28.000 participants of 75 countries. The games became "the Olympic games" for everybody, they are very popular and bring together thousands of participants from many countries and different age groups around 5 basic subjects: Sport, culture, humanitarian projects, economy and politic

In December 1990, Yves is invited in Irak to help find peace solutions .It is impossible to organise the Peace world games because of the end of the ultimatum, January 16,1991. He proposes to Saddam Hussein the "mundialisation" of Koweit where the first assembly of world delegates from cities of the world could meet. This assembly would represent beside the UN, considered the world senate, a chamber of world deputies

On January 9, 1991, he speaks at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva after Tarek Aziz and James Baker about launchinga world referendum in favour of peace in the gulf. Arrested, he is taken to the border (At that time he did not have Swiss citizenship)

In 1995 he founds the "democracy companions". "Right to speech and duty to dialogue" , whose objective is to change political rules so that citizens become permanent participants to public life He becomes a candidate to the French presidency but fails to get the 500 signatures

He participated and still does in numerous international conferences (UNESCO, Federation of United Cities, head of states and personalities meeting in Africa :Libya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco and Egypt.

He is an author, composer and interpreter of more than 150 songs and poems which major themes are people's humble life and humanitarian enterprises. He has composed the hymn of the French NGOs

Convinced "mundialist ", he has built a stone building on his property a representing the major symbols of the world (a crypt of religions, an Agora or Greco theatre of 160 seats, a pyramid with a base of 11 metres where he organises exhibits and receptions , a sport course and a greenery stadium able to accommodate more than a thousand people .

Declaration of intention

  Launch a big competition of ideas and reflections: How to organise the world of to morrow ?

  Call on all the NGOS ,all the thinkers and actors of the beginning of this century ,founders and presidents of humanitarian associations ,members of reflection clubs, Nobel prizes, artists writers, scientifics, poets, journalists and sports men. All inspired by a global deep understanding of the common good , ready to support ,collaborate and participate in a big competition of ideas and reflections on a new organisational model of the planet open to all the women and men of the planet and called : The organised world

As suggestion and reflection dynamics, the participants will be asked to plan the establishment of a People's Assembly that will represent beside the United Nations -world Senate- the chamber of world deputies

Even if to day ,on the international scene, a right for the states to speak up about the problems that face the entire humanity and that exceed nations competency exist there are no such institutions that allow the people of the world to be directly and democratically represented on the international scene

  Support Esperanto as a mean of international communication

A concrete experiment could be proposed during the World Peace Games .10 People from different countries and languages able to participate to the next World peace Games could during the months preceding the games learn Esperanto and during the event prove that they can communicate with each other

  Welcome at "La Gauthière " the People's Congress headquarters:

La Gauthière, International centre for the World Peace Games could become also the People's Congress headquarters .It is located 30 km from Geneva, international city

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