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Marie-Françoise LAMPERTI

 Presentation - Program

World Citizen Card number : 185928
Residing in Vincennes (France)


President of the Association' Act for Human Rights' (AHR)

Human Rights Activist for several years, I formed the association 'Act for Human Rights' in 2003. This association is involved in education,defense and promotion of human rights.

The association has organized several conferences on topics as diverse as those relating to peace in the world or freedom of expression. These conferences were intended to conduct debates, notably contradictory, aiming to elaborate a collective reflection on current issues.

Defending human rights consisted in partnering with other NGOs such as RWB Reporters Without Borders), Amnesty International, CAAT (Christian Action Against Torture) The Human Rights League, IFHR (International Federation of Human Rights) to denounce violations wherever they occur in the world.

We have also contributed in the production of a documentary on the exiled childhood entitled ''Alone in the world, exiled childhood ..Directed by Bruno Victor Pujebet, this documentary narrates the illegal immigration of children and adolescents who flee their countries due to poverty or war and beyond the borders meet only social services in host countries or worse, the courts. AHR has worked with the production in the capacity of Consultant with regard to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Member of ASCOP for three years, the association has been involved with ASCOP during the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by making a campaign claiming that the peoples right of expression exist at the United Nations.

Personally, I am also Vice-President of the Union of Authors, Directors and Technicians of the Cinema and Television.(UART)

Declaration of intention

I wish to get involved and work with delegates of the Peoples Congress for the existence of a right of expression in the heart of the peoples of the United Nations.

To this end, I will put at the disposal of the Congress my researches and the outcome of my analysis for us all to evolve our actions of which one of the goals is to highlight the need for UN reform. This idea is the driving force for my candidature.

Furthermore, I am ready, whatever the project to collaborate in concert with all the delegates so that the dignity, justice and freedom around the world are not just vain words.

In my approach, the project which is really innovative, lies in this, that it captures the human rights through the lighting of global democracy.

To do this, I promise to be a force proposal in Congress so that we can join ourselves together in joint projects in the service of humanity.

The Peoples Congress represents for me this space of hope and achievement

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