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Born in 1954
World Citizen Card number :183 833
Lives in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo)


I am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a world citizen since 2004, and member of the world citizen registry in Goma . Driven by humanitarian values, earth is my native land and humanity my family. Militant and leader for a full development, I created the association "Solidarity and good will". Esperantist, I lead a local association called " Goma Esperanto Club ". I take care of orphan children , poor victims of repetitive wars

Declaration of intention

We cannot change the world but we can help improve it. We have to overtake the North-South concept

Real relations must be established between us using the world citizen concept because we are facing the same challenges. Our battles are for freedom and peace. If all the people who like peace hold hands, there is no reason that the world becomes a better place .

Everything starts somewhere and for us it is just the beginning of our getting together to share our hopes with the world citizens

I am African and since 36 years, I am watching why Africa is remaining a continent of poverty where there is only war and hunger . There is a lack of political willingness.

The African poverty is the results of the States heads and the politicians bad management , helped by the international cartels. It belongs to us to take our responsibilities and to take along the others

We have to rise our eyes and explain that each of us has a role to play to rise hope among future generations

With "Solidarity-Good will" , I have launched vulgarisation campaigns . I must continue to participate to the valorisation of human dignity. With "Solidarity - Good will I must continue to look for environmental issues and look for the solutions for all of us

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