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32 August 1982

In an era when the evolution of science and technology requires a new organization of humankind, some propound a complete change of its very foundations.

During the 18th century, the era of "enlightenment", the French and American philosophers did challenge the foundations of the social and political order of their time : Royalty by divine right. Hence the Nation-state, the embodiment of the people endowed with "sovereignty", was born. But the progress of science and technology has flooded over borders and blown up the frontiers of Nation states themselves. Mundialists are the only people that have seen and become interest in this phenomenon, while the leaders of States, though they acknowledge, when they speak at United Nations, that current policies, nowadays, are leading the world towards self-destruction, never challenge the organization of the world, as it is now.

Yet, Gaston Thorn, the President of the Commission of European Communities, admitted, on July 1st, 1982, that the deadlock, or near-deadlock, of the Community system was ascribable to the lack of implementation of important items in the existing treaties, to the weakening of the community spirit and to the decrease of the belief in making Europe. And, on July 4th, 1982, the President of the French Republic, François Mitterrand, declared that the concept of Europe as a political unit had to be forwarded. But how can the concept of Europe as a political unit be forwarded without the states agreeing to partial delegation of their national sovereignties ? the first step might be to allow any European citizen to run for election in any European constituency.

At last, when mundialists speak of control for disarmament on location, of controlling transnational Companies or controlling whether Human Rights are respected, are they not guilty, in that case also, of violating the national sovereignty of each Nations-State ? Has the cession of a part of the sovereignty not become the main issue ? Must the breaches of justice continue spreading, the wars to expand, for this issue to be, at last, properly addressed ? Will one State be wise enough to take the first step, that is : act on the behalf of humankind instead of placing its own, selfish interests first ? Or will it be the peoples who, having become grown-ups, will have to demand that the structures of the world be changed now ? Humanity is likely to survive only if we are ready to do this !

Provisional World Parliament

Sponsored by World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), a Provisional World Parliament will meet, in Brighton (B.G.) from September 4th to 17th of this year ; it will work on the shaping of the Constitution for Earth Federation. Several hundred people, coming from twenty countries, are expected in Brighton.

Peoples Congress

Several Delegates elected to the Peoples Congress will attend the Brighton meetings and, on September 14, 15 and 18, the 5th Plenary Assembly of the Peoples Congress will take place.





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