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31 - July1982

After the Falkland, now Lebanon …

The number of touchpoints, where the absolute national sovereignty claimed by the nation-states can lead to territorial disputes, is unfortunately increasing, bringing misfortune to the inhabitants of the disputed territories.

Among the world's trouble spots one sees :

  • some at the moment "alight", such as the Falklands, Gibraltar, the Beagle Channel and the mouth of th River Plate ;
  • some threatening to become so, such as Hong Kong and Macau ;
  • some forgotten, such as the Channel Islands or Llivia
  • some having themselves become nation-states but nevertheless still disputed, such as Taiwan, Cyprus of Guyana ;
  • some, such as Belize of Sikkim, too weak to uphold their own independence, and finally
  • some entitles, such as Israel, Lebanon and Palestine, seemingly doomed to exist or survive only in a context of violence.

And yet are not the inhabitants of such places united in the same desire to live in peace and security ? Facing the nation-state, how can that peace and security be guaranteed ?

President Mitterrand suggested recently, as a means of saving Beirut, a solution close to mundialist ideas, incorporating U.N. intervention. Has the time no come to set up an International commission of jurists to promote the study and practice of such solutions, charged with instituting a thoroughgoing system of International (indeed World) law, to be backed up by a global Security Body independent of nation-states and having power to enforce respect of the right to peace ?

The peoples involved in these troubles would then be able to appeal for judgment to a world authority, as was happening recently over the Falklands. Gradually humanity could thus progress towards world federation, as a natural extension of regional or local federation. Would anything else succeed in protecting minorities from the jealous grasp of the nation-state ?

World Peace Through World Law

PARLIAMENTARIANS FOR WORLD ORDER : the members of this international network, comprising 550 MPs from 22 countries and whose declared aim is "World Peace Through World Law" held a conference at U.N. headquarters early in June, under the chairmanship of the Canadian MP Douglas Roche. In a call for the survival of humanity, issued at the end of the conference, the PWO made proposals for disarmament control with ground inspection.





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