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33 -September 1982

World Community Fund against Hunger
In furtherance of the call made by the Peoples Congress in its Declaration of 1974 at the time of the World Food Conference in Rome, and in view of the worsening food situation affecting two thirds of mankind, the Food and Development Committee of the Citizens of the World has now proposed, under the auspices of the Peoples Congress, the creation of

The aims of the Community Fund are to :

  • fight hunger,
  • aim at food self-sufficiency for every human being to enjoy a minimum life-supporting share,
  • institute a true "world tax against hunger",
  • work for preserving, increasing and rationally employing the food resources of mankind,
  • support the studies and implementation of useful research for feeding populations,
  • support community or cooperative organizations whether already in existence or to be created in the nutrition field,
  • organize information on the necessary projects and the results of those that have been carried out,
  • persuade States and international organizations to accept the transfers of sovereignty .necessary to the creation of a genuine World Solidarity Institution.

The Community Fund is maintained by individuals the world over who levy themselves voluntarily and regularly for the sake of global solidarity. This global levy is set for each person at the equivalent of one day's food consumption.

The Fund may be thought of as a transnational friendly society whose members each hove the right to scrutinize its activities, to vote and to put up proposals. Everyone shall participate within this Fund on a basis of complete quality as regards both his vital needs and his moral contribution.

The last thing sought by the promoters of this Community Fund is that it should compete with existing groups oriented to the Third World. Rather it should help them.

It foreshadows the World Solidarity Organization yet to be created, free from the influence of national governments and alone able to replace ineffective international aid by a true world cooperation.





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