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42 - June 1983

Chancellor KOHL recently called on the Germans to increase their birthrate. These days, it seems, most government leaders are hoping for growth in their own populations, although a law as in China and India are seeking to limit such growth.

On the occasion of the Bucharest Conference on Global Population in 1974, the Delegates elected to the Peoples' Congress put out the following statement, still relevant today :

As DELEGATES of the PEOPLES CONGRESS, elected directly and democratically by a trans-national electorate, spread over 110 countries

We state

That at the moment, the Bucarest United Nations conference about the population issues was held, hundred of thousands of inhabitants of the planet were dying from hunger

We state

That the representatives of the majority of the governments, forgetting that the human species is threatened by uncontrolled population growth, still insist on maintaining national sovereignty decision freedom concerning this issue

We state

That the Nations States consider the increase of their population as a supreme wealth which confers military and political power

We state

That a nation state will only admit the necessity of practising birth control when it seems that its own prosperity is threatened

We conclude

That competition between Nations States leads to an increase of the absolute number of underprivileged people on earth

We declare

As a consequence: that the problem can only be solved by:

  • In the rich countries, the decrease of waste
  • In the poor countries, the increase of living standards

especially a just and efficient WORLD INSTITUTION that will be able to stabilize the population growth by proposing measures which will serve the whole of humanity and not only a few of its member : Governments, political or religious leaders or economic oligarchies

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