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56 - August 1983

an adequate response to ill-development
The most intolerable separation between humans is the one that is based upon food. Indeed being able to have food is the prime condition for any other potentiality whether it be the quest for freedom or the happiness of individuals or societies.

At the peak of the "Cold War" in the fifties, the World Citizens, with Josue de CASTRO, Lord Boyd ORR, abbey Pierre, Rene DUMONT, Michel CEPEDE, Robert BURON, … were the first to perceive and denounce the disgraceful global situation of the unequal distribution of food.

They deciphered the problem to define the causes more deeply and better than any other and therefore, World Citizens have thought out remedies that are the best among the suggested ones, that means the WORLD COMMUNITY FUND AGAINST HUNGER.

The WORLDS FUND intends, through practicing a policy for stimulating development, not only to have more favorable circumstances to improve local conditions "Projects"), but also to establish a democratic, federalist concept at world scale.

Based upon the analyses of World Citizens who see that the outdated partition of the globe into States with complete sovereignty supports savage competition, the birth of imperialist or totalitarian ideologies, the appropriation by a minority of the globe's resources, the denial of Human Rights, the arms race and the deterioration of the biosphere, the World Fund in opposition, initiates a community practice independent of States and of any kind of lobbies. Confronting the transnational economic powers, its ambition is to be, one day, in a position to be strong enough for the peoples, spurred by global will, to be able to choose freely their own way towards development.

As for institutions, the delineation of homogenous, geographical areas following their ecological, social and economical and cultural composition, working on democratic lines and federated into the World Fund General Assembly, should make it possible to build the foundations for rational imbalance in the exploitation of resources (autonomous development, endogenous economies) while maintaining the populations' identity.

For the individual acting following the lines of the World Fund will be a fulfilling experience : each member of the project will exercise his or her personal sovereignty within the World Fund which he will own, together with the other members. The Malaysian fisherman will know that the Brazilian peasant and the Thailand's craftsman have helped him improve his living conditions and this will be reciprocal. Thus an awareness of ling on the same planet whose crops have to be equitably distributed will, little by little, grow in the minds, indeed what humanity needs really is this mutation in awareness so that we can reach the harmonious stage of development which, actually, is possible because humanity already has the technical means for achieving it.

In fact, we have there the idea that makes of the World Fund something utterly different : work towards the aim when men and women take care of their own destiny, as well in the line of growing their own food as in mastering for ever their powers of choice.

World Community against Hunger
1 ruelle Haute
21120 GEMEAUX (France)

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