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57 - Septembert 1984

Since 1969, world transnational elections so as to form a world PEOPLES' CONGRESS have taken place regularly. With the 7th election which has just taken place and in which there has been the participation, apart from World Citizens, of inhabitants of mundialized cities in France and Japan, of members of humanitarian associations (School as an instrument for Peace", "Free thinkers", "Oomoto", "International Civil Service", "Pacifist Union", "World Federalists") 70000 inhabitants of the planet from 110 countries who elected 14 delegated and 14 substitutes, are involved. The votes are mailed following the same criteria as are usually used in democratic countries.

In this 7th election, the two following delegates have been elected :

  • Tsuruji KOTANI, professor of international laxw and professor at the Institute of Mundialist Studies,
  • Muriel SARAGOUSSI, Brazilian agronomy engineer,

as well as two substitutes :

  • M.K. BANERJI, a graduate in sciences and arts, secretary for world federalist in Calcutta,
  • Lucien HARMEGNIES, a graduate in Political Science, a professor at the Institute of Mundialist Studies, in charge of International Relations of the city of Charleroi, in Belgium.


The Peoples' Congress is the forerunner of a democratically elected World Assembly.

In a democracy, we vote at different levels :

  • at the city level, to deal with city problems,
  • at the county or borough level, to deal with county or borough problems,
  • at the State level in the United States
  • at national level, to deal with national problems,
  • at European level in Europe

but to solve global problems (hunger, raw materials, disarmament, pollution, ..) which involve us all, WE ARE NOT REPRESENTED AT WORLD LEVEL.

This void Mundialists want to bridge ; that is why they have undertaken the organization, by themselves, of transnational elections. It is, in a sense "laboratory work" and we succeeded with minimum financial means, but carried it out all over the world. But this experiment of the PEOPLES' CONGRESS shows it is possible to organize a democratic poll at global level.

See the goals of Peoples' Congress.

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