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May 29, 2006 at the Twentieth Theatre (7 rue des Platrières 75020 PARIS)

This event should have taken place on March 3rd, which is the exact date of the appeal of the thirteen but it had to be postponed to Monday May 29, because the performers were not available.

It has been 40 years that 13 world citizens of world reputation launched an appeal in favour of world citizenship.

The performance lasted nearly 3 hours .Roger Winterhalter, the Peoples Congress president made a brief but excellent introduction about the meaning of this appeal in our to days world, that is looking for new directions.

Another introduction was made by the association "Diagonale de Tchernobyl".

Then 4 well known and politically committed performers lend their support to the celebration for the promotion of world citizenship ideas:

  • Serge UTGE ROYO
  • Nathalie SOLENCE
  • Yvan DAUTIN
  • Annik ROUX

The 350 people room was packed. Documents were distributed at the entry and at the end of the show

The public has appreciated this evening presentation and The World Citizen message went through forcefully.

We should not forget that one of the greatest musicians of the world, Yehudi Menuhin said:

We the musicians of the world, approve the idea of a world government through the universal language of music….We ask our fellow artists to join us as world citizens by participating to the crusade for a world government.

The appeal of the 13 World Citizens of world reputation was published in the newspaper "Le Monde" on March 3rd 1966. This appeal is recognised internationally as being the text which has launched again democratic " mundialism "

For the thirtieth anniversary of this appeal, an important meeting took place on March 3rd 1996. It is during this meeting that the Peoples Congress launched its tenth election and a new appeal called the appeal of the thirtieth anniversary.

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