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Frequently asked questions

What is it to be registered?

Why getting registered? The objective of getting registered is to gather a huge number of persons. It is essential to convince at local, national and global level of the necessity of democratic supranational institutions to look after peace, survival and balance of humankind and biodiversity. The more numerous we will be, better will be the chances to be heard; getting registered, this is also a way to be counted.

What is the value of the World citizen card? The World Citizen Registry delivers a world citizen “identity card”. This card, like any documents delivered by mundialist organisms, is not acknowledged by National States and does not exempt from official documents as national identity card, passport, visa, working card, etc. The card delivered by the World Citizen Registry is symbolic. Having this card, showing it around you, means that the world has not finished its construction yet and that Human rights are not yet guaranteed, because the organisation mentioned in the article 28 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration does NOT exist yet.

What are the roles of the Registry and the People’s Congress? The Registry is like a registry Office that registers World citizens and it is to say that world democracy is asked to be happen right now, by many persons around the world. The People’s Congress is the first world Assembly elected by World Citizens; its missions are reflection, study and propositions for the creation of global institutions; if necessary, the Congress makes public declarations.

 What are the relationships between the Registry and the UN? The Registry is denouncing the powerlessness of this institution. It suggests the creation of a second Chamber –beside the Assembly representing the nations States- that would democratically represent the people of the world. This can be achieved only if actions are taken inside and outside the existing institution. Outside, spreading the awareness for world citizenship and inside, participating to ON commissions and work. Objective is double: the creation of this second legislative Chamber, and the recognition that UN texts are world law. Nowadays, several mundialist organisations created by the Registry have a consultative role to the UN or its agencies (Unesco, Unicef…).

Which is the opinion of the registry on actuality questions? Working for World democracy does not necessarily mean been involved in all debates and the registry has always wished to stay neutral. It can not take position, because it is not the democratic expression of those registered. Today, the People’s Congress is the result of world democracy and this entity has a representation role and takes position when necessary.

World Citizens are they recognized by the States?

When a State becomes a member of the United Nations it signs the United Nations Charter, but also a certain number of texts that are as attached. One of them is the " Universal Declaration of Human Rights ".

This Declaration has now been in fact adopted by 190 states.

This Universal Declaration, in paragraph 8 of the preamble stipulates that all individuals and all organs of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and to ensure by progressive measures of national and international order, the recognition as well as universal and effective implementation. World Citizens meet this definition since 1948 and have established a program of implementation of Article 28 on the basis of Article 21-3, namely that everyone has the right that there be on the social and international plan an order such that the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized (Article 28) and that the will of the people is the basis of the authority (Article 21-3).

In other words, citizenship, civism and democracy have several levels of implementation :

  • local or regional problems depend on the local or regional authority.
  • National problems depend on the national authority.
  • Global problems should depend on a global authority to create. This world authority is not the UN because the UN is an "international" institution respecting the sovereign equality of States (Extracts from the Charter), while the order announced by Article 28, the result of the will of the people can make proof of authority in very specific cases that will be provided by a global constitution.

On this basis, the People's Congress is historically and is currently the only organization in the world that tries to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under Article 21-3 and 28 of this declaration, the will of the people expressing on a voluntary basis by the registration of interested citizens in the Registry of World Citizens.

In conclusion, any country signatory to the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has acknowledged in advance the World Citizens and the program of the Peoples Congress.

To be registered as a World Citizen

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