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During its plenary session, on March 4, 2006, the Peoples Congress decided the creation of a Registration Legal Service. This service is intended for communities and organisations who specifically want to be registered outside the national legal systems in place using the democratic legitimacy that the People's Congress can give them. Because the Peoples Congress has been established by transnational democratic world elections.

The creation of this registration legal service will be the basis of emerging world civil rights. The initial current period is open to organisation of the Civil Society to register Trans national by-laws, interior regulations board members list, conventions, service contracts and all other legal civil life contracts.Are excluded all the documents requiring the appeal to national legislation like real estate property, brand property and people private life contracts.

Every registration to the legal services is bind to the Peoples Congress moral authority and the organisation will have to accept the PC's or any organisation designated by the PC arbitration.

Registrations can be made in 4 languages : French, English, Esperanto and Spanish.





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