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The People's Congress Missions

The Peoples Congress is the forerunner of a representative World Assembly able to establish public World Institutions

The People's Congress Missions:

  1. Establish the inventory of all the needs common to human kind
  2. Proclaim the necessity of Public World Institutions able to satisfy those needs
  3. Specify:
    • a) The domains where it is necessary to have Public World Institutions
    • b) The transfer of skills that will have to be accepted in favour of Public World Institutions by the Nation States
    • c) The necessary procedures for the creation of Public World Institutions
    • d) The structures of the supra-national world federal authority to be created
  4. Express in World Declarations the opinion and the choices of the people of the world about the events concerning humanity's fate
  5. Intervene with governments or international authorities on current world problems
  6. Study the expert's reports on world constitution projects and give one's opinion
  7. Present a draft proposal of a world federal constitution to the governments and to the national parliaments as well as to various international authorities
  8. Take all the necessary initiatives to start a democratic world parliament including a chamber for the people of the world
  9. Look for collaboration and the creation of culture, information and education organisations to facilitate the awareness of universal solidarity.

This page as the Preamble of People's Congress Regulations

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