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Marie-Louise DUBOIN
 Présentation - Programme

Born in 1931
World Citizen Card number : 169.134
Address :Le Vesinet (France)

Biography summary

 Retired University Professor .My last research was about aurora physics.

Since 1976, I am the chief editor of the monthly newspaper about socio- economic reflections "La Grande Relève" that promotes an economy democratically organised ,without borders between the people nor exclusion and makes you aware that the first human right to be respected is to have enough to live on .

In the same line of non violent action, I published several hundred articles, organised numerous conferences and published 2 books .The last one was published in April 2007 and is called "But where does the money go ?"

Declaration of intention

I think that it should be important for every world citizen that a serious assessment of the free market economy that started in 1980, be undertaken and compare what had been planned and what has really happen

Thousands of human being driven away by poverty, leaving on boats and many km of walls erected around rich countries to protect them

The WTO has its own experts that the poor countries cannot afford. The free flow of money that could allow investors to help the developing countries and bring to them of prosperity has above all allowed the exploitation of their resources.

Poverty has increased in the same time as much as the world production by inhabitant ,that exceeds the vital needs though 850 millions of human beings suffer from malnutrition

The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing .It is breathtaking.

When the money flow from the south to the North is greater than when it goes from the financially rich countries to the poor, the world citizens must consider what is called the "Third world countries debt"

Establishing a world organisation dealing with the environment is an urgent necessity. But the 2 world summits concerning the threats on the environment led to timid resolutions that the most polluting countries refuse to apply. Also a world cooperation will be necessary in regards of the exhaustion of non renewable energies . But nothing has been done. Why ?

A financial dictatorship exists in the world because international relations are not based on cooperation but on competition in a wild race to the profitable investments

The world citizens aware that world governance principles have to be based on real democracy must reflect together on the ways to establish world democracy especially concerning finances and economy .And even if this project will lead to (the substitution of the actual debt money in a money whose only function would be for its buying power in order not to allow anymore "to make money with money".

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