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Born in 1933
World Citizen card number 024.191 :
address : Strasbourg (France)

Biography summary :

Retired Gynecologist.
World Citizen Registry general secretary .ASCOP acting coordinator
World Movement for Global Democracy steering committee vice president (WMGD).
Honorary adviser for the World Unity and Peace Education Department (WUPED) in Lucknow, India .member of the board of the Australian World Citizen Association . Member of the founding and executive committee of "Global Citizens for peace "in Melbourne Australia

Declaration of intention summary.


Born in French Alsace, I became a German citizen for nearly 5 years during WWII. Becoming a French citizen again at the end. It means that I changed citizenship 3 times, my father and my grandfathers 4 times in their life time. So I understood very early that " national citizenship" was not at all important because somebody else could change it without asking your opinion, because a power thirsty dictator had just invaded the country you belong to.

Since 1950 after the war, world citizenship has been the most important choice for our family since my mother registered as a world citizen with Garry Davis in Strasbourg

Medical doctor and gynaecologist by training I was a family planning teacher/trainer in many countries in the world, for many humanitarian and international organisation and for John's Hopkins University in Baltimore

I was always convinced that proper birth control could protect the world from the pressure of irresponsible population explosion and that a family that has the desired number of children is more balanced and can take good care of their education and subsistence

Available, freely accepted family planning is a world duty for people and governments.

While I was living in Baltimore, beside my professional life, I decided in 1992 to register with the World Citizen Association in California

In 1995, I left the US and became the project Director for the HOPE Organisation (Virginia) in Kazakhstan and I tried there to start a little world Citizen Centre without any success

Coming back to France in 1999, I transferred my registration to the French Centre in Paris

The World Citizen Registry Centre, that year, issued forms to potential volunteers and they send me one asking for my help. I accepted to do translations in English German and French .Later the Centre asked me to attend all the important meetings and conferences and to be responsible for the simultaneous translations.

In 2000, I became a member of the administrative Council and then during the Administrative council of that same year, I was elected Secretary General of the World Citizen Registry for 4 years

In 2004, I was elected again at the same position for 4 years.

In 2005, the new president of the ASCOP having left, I became an acting coordinator and I still am.

In 2004, I went to Lucknow to the annual symposium organised by the City Montessori School for the chief of Justice of the world .This is where I met my new family in thoughts and ideals : Peace Education and World Unity for the students of the biggest school in the world including 29.000students at that time At the end of this international/world meeting , Mr Gandhi director of the City Montessori School and Mr Chandola ,the director of WUPED( World Unity and Peace Education Department ) asked me to become their representative in France .

I went back to Lucknow in 2006 and then was asked to become an honorary adviser to the WUPED department

It is also during that visit that I had the honour and the pleasure to "mundialize " with Mrs Gandhi, the City Montessori School in Lucknow

It is also in Lucknow in December 2006 that during the Symposium of the Chief of Justices, in partnership with the CMS that we launched a new organisation the WMGD (World Movement for Global Democracy) whose main objective is the promotion of a world democratic government

It is with great pleasure that I accepted to participate in the development of this new organisation and to become part of the executive committee as vice President of the coordination Committee representing the World Citizen Registry in this newly created organisation

Since many years part of my family lives in Australia and I travel there every year to spend the winter in a warmer place .While I was down under I met a lot of world citizen that remained in contact with the World Citizen Registry since long years. That is why with Pr Chris Hamer, another candidate to this People's Congress election we re-started the Australian World Citizen Association

This association was actually created in the 1950th but became dormant

I am now part of the new association and an honorary member of its bureau

In February 2007, Dr Michael Ellis ,representing the State of Victoria for the Australian Association of World Citizens and the Centre for Change for the third millennium asked me to be part of a round table of Australian leaders to help establish a ministry of peace in the federal Australian government

We then created in Melbourne a new association under the patronage of a Senator, head of the democratic party, Mrs Lyn Allison representing us at the the federal government. She presented the project for a new bill to be passed.

I am part of the founding and executive committee of this association called "Global Citizens for peace "

Since 2005, I am also part of the CILAME (International Council for a world authority of the environment)

The CILAME is also part of the ASCOP

Since last year in October when we organized our first training course about World Citizenship in Benin, I became an educator and a trainer in the seminars that the world citizen and the ASCOP organises in partnership with different associations and I am now part of the CBDIBA/ASCOP Training follow up team.

In 2007 I am a candidate to the People's Congress election.

Declaration of intention

Why I am a candidate to the People's Congress?

Because it is the only world organisation of representatives of the planet without distinction of race, ethnical group, religion or political party that is democratically elected by universal vote

Because this delegates assembly will remain working until a sovereign supra national world authority, eventually merging with it will replace it

Because I believe that it is possible and necessary to install step by step a new system of world governance in parallel with the old one.

It is generally how things work, history is its witness. Two systems can coexist for a period of time and while the old one is still functional, the new one can be put in place

We are for the moment in this period and we, the delegates of the people's Congress are asked to achieve this temporary parallel function.

The national mode of governance by man and women who believe that their role is to insure supremacy and victory of one national group without regard for the welfare and survival of the other nations is becoming unacceptable.

This selfish attitude generates competition and suffering, war and death

In the near future without resolution of conflicts, humanity will destroy the planet

When I become delegate to the People's Congress
I want to inform, make people understand, explain to everybody, civil society and governments what we could build and accomplish if we would act globally and together

When I become a delegate to the People's Congress:
I want to promote peace and demonstrate that another way of living is possible if it is the expression of the interest and respect of each other

When I become a delegate to the People's Congress:
I want to make an inventory of the problems that are surrounding us and find the right solutions favourable to everybody and consider the others not like a competitor or an enemy but as a co worker achieving the difficult task of reorganising and restoring the planet

When I become a delegate to the People's Congress:
I want to work at the creation of World Institutions in which representatives of the whole earth ,nationals or stateless citizens, democratically elected, will govern and protect our the inheritance earth that was given to us, with honesty, equity and regularity and with the respect of diversity and of every one's human or not human rights

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