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Born in 1948
World Citizen Card number : 169.278
Address : Virigneux (France)

Biography summary

 I am from Lyon and worked almost always out of France, as a water specialist (company employee or self employed )

Expatriate for a long time, I lived in many different countries .My engagements at the family professional, political, social and spiritual level are global and hardly dissociable because they are deeply " mundialist " and humanistic.

Declaration of intention

While people of my generation, who are born in the middle of the last century, are getting ready to retire, I feel the deep need to give to my professional activity less space without abandoning it completely.

My status of self employment allows me more freedom of decision without being submitted to the diktat of the economical world obsessed with the absurd and unbearable running forward.

Time has come to change my avocation as a water specialist to a more political level. However if during the last 30 years I could acquire competency and control part of the techniques and the know how of water management in numerous countries in Europe, in Africa and in Asia, I am more and more convinced that water is not a commodity like any other. It is not a commodity but a universal element, in continuous movement that allows every human being and any alive organism to exist on this earth.

The 12 years that we spent as a family, in Mali, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso have forged our conscience on the irreplaceable value of water when it is scarce and difficult to access.But they have also built our strong "mundialist" vision that seems necessary to share largely with others

As an active member of several associations oriented towards water like:

Hydraulic without Borders, Live Water, Water is the Bridge, I participated in different actions at the local level .Without renouncing to all this engagements, I think that I should now participate more explicitly in activities at the world level

Having had the luck to be elected in a small fast growing town, ,I am conscious of the difficulties that local communities have to face .I want to encourage only qualitative development, not only in the developed countries but as well and above all in the other countries

Access for all to quality water in sufficient quantity is my priority even if it is sometimes very difficult. 

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