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Born in 1965
World Citizen car : 179.318
Lives in Marcq en Baroeul (59, Francio)

Biography summary:

Registered World Citizen since 1989, member of ACAT, ATTAC, Pax Christi, Artisan of the world, member for life of Esperanto-France International, local and regional member of Esperanto, secretary of Europe-Democracy-Esperanto-North-West.

Declaration of intentions:

  • Open as much as possible the debate on the political aspect of languages teaching in the world, keeping in mind that a common world language is indispensable for the establishment of a world governance able to be understood by everybody
  • Promote the creation of an environment world authority that will help manage the limits of our planetary resources
  • Organise a world reflection on our human purpose in order to better understand that some realities are overtaking us.
  • Make possible our countries disarmament
  • Facilitate inter religious dialogue and philosophical exchanges
  • Guarantee basic food supply for everybody.
  • Sensitize all the citizens to the procreation problems because planetary limits call for a population decrease
  • Defend human rights
  • Increase medical care for the world population
  • Develop independence of information networks against economical and political pressure .

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