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Wolfgang FISCHER
 Presentation - Program

Born in 1951
World Citizen Card number :24785
Address : Munich (Germany)


Declaration of intention

 The main idea of my candidacy is that development and overcoming of the poverty of indigenous people, the nations and of the world only will be possible if the countries and humanity develop a cultural and human identity, a process which depends on a general improvement of the situation of the indigenous people, on the re-establishment of self-esteem and consequently of self-confidence. To make this process come real an organisation and centralisation of indigenous people and of all people who resist globalisation / heteronomy inevitably is necessary to safeguard a formal, organic and independent participation in the instruments of democracy, of any nation state and beyond any national borders. The first step towards the evolution of such a strategy is to regain a minimum of indigenous and - beyond of any ideology - human consciousness which could serve as scientific, practical and political support for the indigenous people as well as to all resisting people.

Today's corporate globalisation with its racism of the white and rich man against a humanity in ever growing misery is a mere consequence of the anterior global and mental colonisations of indigenous people since thousands of years. Any of today's racisms is based upon this reality which within all patriarchal / one-directional / vertical systems violently functions in a normative way.

It needs a re-orientation towards the fundamental "being born into" a human diversity. It needs the acknowledgement of the wisdom and resistance of indigenous people. It needs a common striving, re-united and international towards a definite emancipation of humanity: the development of a global and peaceful consciousness.

This really would be a new historical project, liberating beyond any prior concepts and in full contradiction to any ideological project. It would be a human project beyond any ideology. A project which only serves the satisfaction of the challenges of the instantaneous reality of each living moment at each level of global society / of life.

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